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Urban Soul Warrior- signed copy


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Free shipping- PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CUSTOM INSCRIPTION. City life can be hectic, fast-paced, jarring to the senses. Many urban souls feel the stirrings of spirituality but don’t have the tools they need to create deeper, more meaningful connections—with themselves and with the world around them. Urban Soul Warrior is an interactive book about living an extraordinary and powerful life, becoming aware of the miraculous state of existence we live in, and using that awareness to live fully, completely, and magnificently. Both a workbook and a sacred space for writing, the book provides simple and effective insights, advice, and creative exercises that are designed to infuse readers’ lives with rich meaning and beauty. Ultimately, the guide works to empower readers to become active participants in the conscious mapping of their own inner journeys. Written in an urban voice, its ancient and modern concepts are intertwined to familiarize readers with techniques to effectively chart the course of the experiences they desire.

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