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Hi community, due to a family emergency and a subsequent death in the family,

shipping on all metaphysical shop orders will delayed until likely the first week of July. 

If you have already placed an order and do not wish to wait for your shipment, I will be happy

to refund you. Simply reach out by email to

or message me on Instagram @wevolvebox

One of the beautiful things about shopping small is that an actual person does a happy dance

when you place an order. One of the disadvantages is that when that actual person is unavailable,

orders cannot be shipped.

Thank you for your understanding and grace.


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High Joy Vibration Esoteric Box

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    This box has been curated to assist you in returning to joy. Yes, we come to be embodied in a human experience to master our lessons and to grow on a soul level, but we also arrive in this space to experience joy and pleasure.  Each of these tools helps you to tap into a different aspect of joy.  In order to fully embody joy we must release what is heavy in order to create space for lightness. 

    Release and Heal

    Motherwort Tincture by Elixir Witch: Sarah, Denver based kitchen witch and apothecarist, hand-crafted this tincture with motherwort from her herb garden. She wants you to know that it was made with love, for you. Motherwort, meaning "mother's-herb", comes from the Latin name, Leonurus cardiaca or "lion-heart". This lends itself to the understanding of how it supports the heart and nervous system, as well as the emotional body. While motherwort has a long list of medicinal properties, metaphysically it supports courage within ourselves to crumble the brick walls around our hearts in order to create softness within the heart space. The heart space is the center of our generosity and receptiveness (giving and receiving). When our hearts are open we are more able to receive the full magnitude of joyful experiences on this earth plane.  You can utilize this tincture in a multitude of ways.  You can work with this herbal medicine when you are experiencing anxiety or worry by placing a few (2-4) drops of this tincture under your tongue.  You may also use this tincture 2 or 3 times a day with the intention of healing the heart space, dissolving blockages, or cultivating self-love.  This can also be a lovely addition to your meditation practice.  

    Specialty Smudge: Spirit has chosen the smudge that you need for your space. It is necessary to cleans heavy energy from your space regularly in order to bring in lightness.  Burning sage or resin, also known as smudging, is an ancient spiritual ritual used by many cultures across the globe.  Smudging been well established as a Native American cultural /tribal practice although it is not used by all groups.  We give gratitude to many Native American cultures and to mama earth for the gift and practice of smudging to bring to life into our space!  


    The Seed of Life Crystal Grid by Amelie Hubert Art: Denver local artist, Amelie Hubert, creates art and tools that carry 5th dimensional energy to assist in the awakening and enlightenment of humanity. The seed of life is a sacred geometry symbol of blessings and protection, and in its sacred context, represents the consciousness of creator.  You can use this crystal grid with the crystals provided or any crystals that speak the intentions that you wish to bring into existence.   

    Citrine, Peridot, Chrysoprase, and Selenite Crystals: These stones have been selected to be used with your seed of life crystal grid to instill and amplify joy!

    Citrine: The beautiful yellow-orange contains a bright, sunny energy. It radiates joy and positivity, optimism, and confidence.

    Peridot: This lovely yellow-green stone balances the heart and solar plexus chakras, brings delight and cheer, and increases prosperity and happiness.

    Chrysoprase: This lovely aqua blue stone promotes joy and happiness while helping heal the heart space from lower vibrational emotions such as sadness and anxiety.

    Selenite: This high vibrational stone not only cleanses negative energy and releases stress and anxiety but also is a great amplifier of energy. 

    Bubbles:  Lean into your inner child and their desires!  Your inner child wants you to be light and free, to laugh, to dance, to play.  Remind yourself what it is to be in child-like wonder of your life and the experiences here on this earth plane.  Where can you relinquish control?  Where can you have more laughter?  How can you cultivate more play?

    Surprise! You also have a surprise crystal that spirit has selected for you in your box!  We are so grateful to have you as a part of our WEvolve Box community!