Remote Session Healing Services

Remote healing sessions work by accessing your energy at a distance.  Time and space are simply constructs that we participate within here on this earth plane.  However, energy can be accessed as easily half way across the globe as it is on my massage table.  Distance work can also be helpful when the human mind can interfere with experiencing great shifts (it can help the ego mind take a backseat).  Distance sessions can be done over video chat or voice memo given the needs of the client.  

Using my natural gifts as an intuitive, empath, divine channel, and light worker in conjunction with my training in Sourcepoint Therapy, BodyTalk, and Matrix Energetics, I am here to help you achieve great shifts.  I work with your energy system, higher self, spirit guides, and angels, as well as, my own spirit team to help bring healing, growth and transformation to your energy body, physical body, and life.  Energy healing is a wonderful way to create profound shifts in your life and works well with other healing modalities such as massage, acupuncture, and behavioral therapy.

If you are unsure of which type of healing service will best meet your needs we can always address this at your session time.  Some clients will need multiple modalities in a session and this will simply fall under the hourly rate.  You can also reach out to me at with questions.

If this is your first time receiving a healing service from me, use code: FIRSTTIMEHEALING at checkout for 40% off of your first session. 

In order to support our collective during this time of great change (and opportunity) I am offering 1/2 price healings on Wednesdays.  Look for "Community Support Wednesdays" under each healing type.