Cultivating Magic as the Light Returns

Happy Day After Winter Solstice! I celebrate with you our return to light!

I hope that you are safe and warm on this blustery day.  It is -10 degrees here in Lafayette, CO and that is no joke.  Winter is most definitely here.  It appears that the earth is reflecting the duality of this earth plane quite dramatically, just as our current earth experience is.  Which is quite fitting don't you think?  The winter solstice is the darkest night of the year and following that we celebrate our return to the light.  The 21st was a time of releasing and of introspection, as is the winter season.  While we are in our return to the sun and to the warmth we are still in this shadowy period of contemplation and reflection.  If you have not sat down to take internal stock of what needs to be released in order to make way for new seeds to be planted, we invite you to take that time for yourself.  What weeds do you wish to be dispatched by the frost so that you can have space for new growth in the spring?  If you are struggling with what needs to be released, we created a screenshot reel on instagram with 100 channeled "I release" statements to help you on your journey of self inventory. 

You can find it here:

After this time of release it is the perfect time to cultivate some magic to bring you into the new year with your face towards the light!

13 Wishes Intention Ceremony

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Vessel (like a jar)
  • Candle
  • Smudge or incense of your choosing
  • Lighter or matches... or a piece of flint if thats how you roll.
  • A safe space to burn your paper

Optional items:

  • Cinnamon
  • Bay Leaf
  • Quartz Crystal


Start by lighting some smoke medicine for your intention/wish creation ceremony.  It is preferable for you to smudge your home beforehand to clear the energy, but I get it... life... family in town... do your best with what you have where you are (self compassion for the win). 

Use the smoke to clear your vessel (mason jar... clean salsa jar... etc.), your paper, your candle (a little chime candle or tea light works just fine), and your quartz crystal (if you are choosing to use one).  

Light your candle.

Tear the paper (yes tear... not cut) into strips or square-ish shapes including tearing the pre cut edges. You will need 13 pieces of paper or more if you are a perfectionist like me and you want 13 perfectly written wishes... don't judge... it is a process to unlearn this behavior.  Tearing all of the edges makes the paper unique to you and only you. 

On each piece of paper write one wish for the coming year as if you already have it (i.e. in present tense...I am so grateful that I have [insert thing you really want here] and write it with gratitude.  Feel the emotions in your body of how good it feels to have this magical wish come to fruition.  After writing each wish/intention fold the paper towards you, until you can no longer see what is written inside and place it in your jar.  Once you have all of your wishes in the jar, give the jar a shake or stir (clockwise if you are stirring) to mix up the wishes.   

Allow your candle to burn to completion (unless you are using a large candle that you use only for ceremonial work, or your candle from the bathroom... no judgement... use what you have... which you may extinguish as you see fit).  


Take your bay leaf in your hands and place within it the magnification of and obstacle removal to your intentions.  

Take your clear quartz and program it with your intentions for manifestation of your wishes/intentions. You can do this in your head and by holding it in your hands, you can speak the programming aloud, or use your breath to blow in the programming.  Use your intuition. Ask it to aid you on your path and help you to receive clear signals for guidance.  This would be a great time to ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for the same thing (even if you aren't using a quartz crystal).

Place the Bay Leaf and Quartz crystal inside of your jar. 

Once a day for the next 12 days (yes, I know you have 13 wishes... hold please).  You will remove one wish from the jar and without looking at the wish inside (no cheating) sprinkle it with a little cinnamon (the cinnamon is optional) and set it ablaze in a heat safe basin, preferably outside. This means that for 12 days you are burning a wish. By doing this, you are handing your wishes over to the universe to be brought into manifestation.  By not looking at the wishes that you are burning you are relinquishing control to the divine to work on your behalf.  On the 13th day you will remove your final wish from the jar.  This is the only wish that you will look at.  This wish is the one that you are in charge of bringing into fruition. 

Take the bay leaf from your jar and write "I remove any obstacle from manifesting __________ (write the wish you are in charge of or the gist of it) with grace and ease.  You can use both sides of the bay leaf. 

Take the bay leaf and burn it as you did the other intentions/wishes. 

Take the wish paper that you are in charge of and place it in a sacred space (such as an altar box if you have one) and burn it when your wish comes to pass.  As you burn this last wish thank your spirit team for their assistance.  You may keep your quartz with you as you set to work manifesting your last wish just make sure to clear it occasionally with salt, smudge, or a piece of selenite or you will have a very sad, bogged down crystal.       


  • Torn edges on your intention paper ensures that no one else's energy or intention is wrapped up in your intention. Unique paper means unique energy.
  • Always clear your tools (with smoke medicine, Florida Water, sound bowl, etc.).  Energetically cleared tools make for clear intentions.
  • You fold intention papers for things you are bringing in towards you.
  • You fold intention papers for things you are releasing away from you.
  • You stir clockwise to draw in or cultivate.
  • You stir counterclockwise to release or remove.


We hope that you enjoyed this fun little wish ceremony and may you receive everything that you desire with grace, ease, and speed.  You are deserving of everything that you wish to have and experience.  The universe is abundant and lack mentality is a construct of the 3D that we are here to move past.  It is within your power to manifest everything that you desire as you, my dear, are the creator of your experience.  

Blessings Dear Ones and Happy Manifesting✨


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