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Are you ready for a dope new ritual to manifest your desires?  Each item in your box has been chosen with care to guide you on your journey to cultivating a life that you are in love with!

This month's manifestation box is here to help you make big shifts in your life!  

s t e p  1:  Healing Bath Soak by Cosmic Tea & Golden Rutilated Quartz: This bath salt was created with mineral rich Dead Sea salt, herbs, and charged oils. It was infused with intentions and light energy, and charged with crystals, flowers, and the light of the moon and sun. This healing bath soak can be used in the bathtub or in a foot bath to help clear away blockages and stagnant energy.  As you soak in your bath (or foot bath), hold your Golden Rutilated Quartz in your hand, envision all of the heavy energy, limiting beliefs, and blockages to manifestations being pulled from your physical body and energy body.  Golden Rutilated Quartz helps to release negative energy, amplifies thoughts, and aids in divine inspiration!... DO NOT use the Pyrite in your bath... pyrite + water = sulfuric acid 😳  This can also be a fantastic time to journal about or meditate on your limiting beliefs (either allowing them to be pulled from your being or doing a reframe of them).  One if our favorite ways (from our April 26th full moon post on Instagram) is to write a limiting belief you have about yourself when it comes to manifesting i.e. Not feeling worthy. Then rewrite the limiting belief as something wildly and abundantly greater! i.e. I am worthy because I AM.  I am not my past decisions, I am not what others think of me, I DO NOT have to prove my worthiness.  After you have allowed the salt to clear your energy, allow the salts to infuse your intentions for manifestation into your being and the Golden Rutilated Quartz to amplify your intentions.  I want you to FEEL all of the yummy things that you want as if they already are yours.  The name of this bath soak is Ask and It Is Given (which is a book by Esther Hick that literally everyone can benefit from reading).  To quote Esther in the context of this ritual. “That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.”

s t e p  2:  Set the vibe... turn on some delicious music, anoint your skin with a lotion or oil that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, or handsome, dress yourself in clothes that make you feel good. Get the vibe going! Feelings are POW 👏🏼 ER 👏🏼 FUL 👏🏼    

s t e p  3: Pyrite:  Pyrite is fantastic for unblocking creativity, removing fears and doubts, and bringing in abundance and wealth (yes please)! Get super clear about what you want to manifest (check out our "what do you want" post on Instagram if you need some guidance).  After your bath or foot soak we want you to clarify what you want to manifest (you are going to write it down on your handmade paper shortly).  Meditate with your pyrite if that feels aligned or hold it in your hands, feeling the vibration of abundance move through you.  Now start to think about what you want to create (with clarity) and really feel it!  Let all of those yummy, delicious emotions that you associate with having what you are wanting move through you!  Thank you universe, more please! 

s t e p  4:  Handmade paper by Blues Lady Creations & Ceremonial Oil by M.D. Traditional: This beautiful flower petal paper was handmade in the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Washington specifically for writing your intentions for manifestation!  Write what you are wanting to manifest in the present tense...  as if you ALREADY have it (because you do... but a conversation about the non-linearity of time is a story for another day).  It could go something like this... I am so grateful for the deeply intimate and heart centered relationship that I have with my soulmate.  When I am with them I feel light, happy, and cherished. Thank you creator! So be it and so it is!  Make it authentic to you and your desires!  Just remember... it is already yours... feel it! Now for the oil.  This ceremonial oil was handcrafted and mixed for you to help draw your desires to you with ease.  Take a little of this deliciousness and anoint your paper (and maybe yourself... external places only please... over the heart, behind the ears, your wrists... trust your intuition).  This oil is very powerful, so you don't need much to make some magic! 

s t e p  5:  Fixed Candle by WEvolve & Sun, Moon, & Stars Altar Box: This manifesting candle will assist in drawing your desires to you like a magnet! Our candles are fixed with herbs, oils, prayer, intention, and vibration. This candle magic also dons a sigil for manifestation.  Are you ready?  Speak your intentions out loud... to your candle...to creator... to the universe.  The vibration of your voice is a powerful creator!  Feel that everything you desire is already yours (because remember... it already is).  Now light your candle! Place your handmade paper scribed with your intentions for manifestation and anointed with ceremonial oil into your altar box.  We love to designate an altar box as a direct line to the universe / spirit / higher power etc. By placing your intentions into your altar box this allows you to hand your desires over to spirit so you can let your desires come to you!  Whatever is in this box IS!  You can use this box in the same manner over and over again!  Just remember, whatever is in this box IS!  You can also choose to place your stones inside or on top of your altar box, or keep them out so you can meditate with them.  Again, trust your intuition.  Now let's chat about your candle.  Your candle is intended to burn for 5 - 10 days but it does contain herbs and oils, so please burn your candle in a basin of clean water and on a safe surface for the entirety of the process! Fixed candles traditionally work more intensely if you allow them to burn continuously.  If you do not feel comfortable allowing it to burn continuously, then you may extinguish and relight your candle.  NEVER blow the candle out (candle magic 101... and now you know).  You may, however, snuff it out by covering the orifice until the flame extinguishes itself.  Direct your intentions for manifestation when relighting your candle.  Once the candle has burned completely, please remove the pyrite crystals from the glass (keep them in your altar box or someplace sacred).  Dispose of the glass in the recycle bin or trashcan outside of your home.    

s t e p  6: Trust:. Ask and it is given! So be it and so it is!  If you find yourself impatient or worried that what you desire will not manifest, simply acknowledge the thought, let it pass by like a puffy white cloud in the sky, and surrender to the universe.  It is not your job to control how your desires will show up.  Control is just an illusion brought about by our ego minds.  Worries are obstacles to desire... that doesn't mean that if we worry, we wont get what we want, it just means that it might take longer (and boo to that).  To quote Esther Hicks again, “If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence."  So, if you find yourself worrying or doubting, I want you to sink back into the feeling of having what you want... doesn't that feel better?

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