Wisdom Keepers Book Box: Warrior Heart - December 2020

Warrior Heart

With this month’s curation, I hope to inspire you to access your power and potential through the incredible wisdom of the heart

The Warrior Heart Practice, HeatherAsh Amara– The Warrior Heart Practice is a revolutionary new method that will help you reevaluate those well-worn narratives and shift your thinking and intentions in a new, empowered way. Based on the four divisions of the heart, the practice leads you forward through the four chambers of experience―Feeling, Story, Truth, Intent―gently questioning your own assumptions along the way, and then back through the chambers in the reverse, so that you emerge armed with a clear understanding of your situation and a new sense of purpose and power. 

Tigers Eye & Lave Stone Bracelet - Tiger’s Eye energy embodies courage, integrity and right use of power. A solar plexus chakra stone, it encourages compassion and wisdom. Lava is also a stone of strength and courage, it adds grounding calm energy to this bracelet. 

Heart Ornament- A visual reminder to stay heart focused.

Lavender & Sage Votive Candle- Soothing and calming scent with the purification properties of sage. 

Laxmi Dhoop Incense- Beautiful scent to enjoy in your sacred space.

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