I. AM. ZEN. Esoteric Box-May 2020

There are endless benefits to meditation, including improved mental and physical health. It has been proven to rewire the brain and can also enhance one’s psychic abilities. You can use meditation to connect with your guides, to heal yourself and to pray for others. Meditation is an amazing tool for visualization and manifestation.


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 Young Monk Art Card, by SantiphotoSS: Beautiful photo of a novice monk in Thailand
◆ Tassel Buddha Necklace- Iridescent, glass beads, knotted, sacred adornment with Buddha bead and tassel. Wear to remind you to take a moment for mindfulness throughout your day.
 Green Calcite- Heart chakra stone, bringing emotional balance and knowledge of Divine Love. Green Calcite assists during times of transition and major change. Great manifestation stone. Hold the stone while meditating.
◆ Sahasrara/ Crown Chakra Votive, by Aloha Bay with Glass Holder- The crown chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realization. Light this candle in your sacred space while meditating.
 Meditation Smudge Stick: Mountain sage, infused with resins of frankincense, myrrh, and copal. Smudge yourself and your space as part of your meditation ritual.
 Cone Burner and Crown Chakra Incense: Goloka Sahasrara Chakra incenses are made with the appropriate fragrance for the individual chakra that has the required effect of clearing and harmonizing the energy center. Aromas of saffron and lotus.
 Ceramic Buddha Bust: The Buddha is a symbol of self-liberation. He is known to have become enlightened after meditating under the sacred Bodhi tree for 49 days, without moving.
 Meditation (A Start Here Guide), Patrick J. Harbula: This book explores the history of this ancient practice through the lens of different cultural traditions. In addition to outlining the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual impacts of meditating, it includes a selection of guided meditation ideas.



Use your intuition and personal preferences to create a meditation ritual that works for you. I suggest creating a special space, that you specifically use for meditation and your other sacred practices. If you are unable to have a dedicated space, than create an atmosphere that feels peaceful before you begin. 


Personally, I like to use incense or herbal smudges in my space. I use a smudge bundle or palo santo to cleanse my aura and the room. I may also light a candle. I sit on a cushion on a small, soft rug on the ground, but will sometimes sit on a pillow on my bed. 

I suggest that you sit rather than lie down (if possible) during meditation. Your body is trained to sleep when lying down, and it is very easy to fall asleep while meditating if you are lying down. A cushion on the floor or a small cushion on a chair are preferred. If possible, raise the hips above the knees.


Meditation is not just about quieting the mind, it can also be used in a self guided way to heal wounds and traumas, pray for others healing, connecting and conversing with guides and ancestors and more! The included book will have several of these options, but they really are endless.




I looove the Insight Timer app. It has thousands of amazing guided meditations, FOR FREE! You have the option to pay for a membership to access the meditation courses...but it is not required.


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I have also been working with the meditations from the I Am Avatar program for over 10 years. You can pay for an entire program, or for individual meditations.



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